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The Forum Alliance is one of the first Supercell forum-exclusive clans in the game. The Alliance started in May 2014 with Forum Bound and quickly grew to a family of 4 clans catering to players at different stages of the game. Forum Bound and Forum Soaring are our warring clans, with Forum Rising as an alternative farming clan for dedicated farmers and optional wars. Forum Soaring has recently reopened in order to level up the clan.  We are also using it as a way to vet new members wanting to enter our war clans.  Soaring also accepts mergers from failing clans wanting to join our family. Forum Striking is our event clan.

We have a diverse mix of players coming from all places around the world, of different ages and genders. The Forum Alliance is a place where players can come to have fun and learn about the art of Clashing.

What we offer:

~ Friendly, active and supportive clan communities
~ Organized, well-run clan wars with clear-cut rules

~ Excellent war records - we war to win!

~ Farming clan with events that promote growth
~ Automated war reservation system using

~ We use Line app for clan communications, farming & warring tactics, base build plans
~ Inter-clan events

~ Clan mergers for failing clans




Leader of Forum Bound

Leader of Forum Rising


Leader of Forum Soaring

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