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FORUM BOUND  ---  Clan tag  #P280YCOL

Clan/War Rules :

As we've had a lot of new members join and some changes to how things work thought it best to remind everyone of the rules.


-Default donation is "WAM" (wizard, archers, and minions) with poison unless specified. Any level is fine unless for war or war cc. Clan/War rules.


-Donate what is requested .


-Try to maintain equal or positive donations where possible. Mains should cover alts where possible.

-War is optional but you are required to war at least 2 per season (except minis).

-Opt out if you are unsure about getting attacks done.

-Use both attacks if opted in.

-First attack within 16 hours of war start.


-Second attack for bottom half of map has to be used within 16 hours of war start time.

-2 hour reservations on

-Check clashcaller and reserve base before attacking.

-No warring without heroes.

-Use full army and cc.


-No looting.

+3/-7 rule on reservation except minis.

-If all in range 3 starred, then you may practice or scout/attack higher with permission from elder or higher.

-No swearing in chat.


Toxic behavior is not allowed and will lead to an infraction and a kick if required. Should you detect toxic behavior take screenshots and share them with clan leaders.

Bound Leadership

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