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Forum Soaring Clan Rules

Welcome to Forum Soaring!  We are the war feeder clan to Forum Bound. 


- You will fight three wars in Forum Soaring and then move up to Forum Bound (no exceptions). 

- Wars are mandatory unless you have a hero upgrading.   Please opt out if you have a hero down.   Your OPT IN/OUT button can be found in your profile.  Upper Left Hand corner.  If it is set to green, you are in war. 

​​- Please download the discord app.  


Go to    

- Coleaders in Soaring are from our Alliance Leadership team and are here to help you get war ready for Forum Bound.

- We want to advise everyone to get into the Discord group. It’s a lot of fun, help if you need it, and all EVENT info will be there.

- Hopping is not allowed.  You need to get a leaders approval before you leave (a leader is an elder, coleader or leader)

- Share these rules with new members.


- Not following rules will result in being kicked for 2 weeks for first offense and second violation is a permanent ban from the clan and typically the whole alliance.


War rules:

- Always use both attacks. Not doing this will result in a kick.

- Build war troops.

- Take full clan castle and full spells.

- Get Discord app.  

- Check Discord chat for Clash Caller link. Leaders may sometimes send a mail with the link code.

 - ALWAYS reserve the base you want to attack before attacking it. Also please fill in the amount of stars you got on the base on Clash Caller, this saves the war leader time.

- Called bases need to be hit within two hours of calling (depends on the timer). Call ONE base at a time.

- War Leader may put notes in clash caller about certain bases.  These do not expire.  (Example:  Reserved for a TH10)

- Honor reservations. Attacking a reserved base is not cool and will be seen as an offense.

- If leaders ask you to hit a base or hit within a certain range,  please do this.

- Always hit bases you think you can get 3 stars on. This will often mean hit your same Town Hall level if you are not rushed.

- Have FUN! We are all here to learn, just always give it your best shot.

- Questions about ANYTHING? Ask! No one bites, everyone wants to help.  

Welcome to the Forum Alliance!

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