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FORUM STRIKING  -- Clan tag  #882UGPPO

Official Alliance Event Clan


Forum Striking's Orientation & Official War Rules and Regulations.

We first would like to welcome you to Forum Striking. We are a great active clan that likes to have fun and do well in wars. We are to here to help each other with attacks.  We encourage all new member to practice in friendly challenges or show replays of 3 star attacks.

War Rules

1.  All heroes must be awake and ready for battle if you are opted in for war.    


2.  All th8's and lower need to complete BOTH attacks in first 6 hours of war (unless approved by a leader BEFORE war is declared).

3. All th9's should complete both attacks in first 8 hours but NO MORE than 10 hours into war. This is so our th10&11's can plan their attacks as they may have to dip lower to clean lower bases.

4. All Th 10 should complete both attacks in the first 18 hours of war.

5. All Th 11 should have used first attack in first 21 hours of war.

6. Players are not allowed to save attacks for the last hour of war unless approved by leader.

7. Hogs under level 4 should not be used for any purpose other than luring.

8. Listen and follow feedback given to you.  Watch YouTube videos on attack strategies (search on YouTube for Powerbang,OneHive Gazette, clash with ash, and gadi for videos on great attack strategies)

9. Plan your attacks and do not rush on a 3 min break. Opt out if you are busy or let a leader know before we declare war. It does not help the team when you 2 star a th9 base.


10. You must use both attacks under any circumstances. (Even when war results are strongly in our favor, or strongly against us)


11. All base reservations are made on Please select join war and enter the clash ID code we send out in clan mail after war is declared.  Your first target should be someone you can have a very good chance to score 3 stars.  War leader will pre-reserve bases and indicate which town hall should be attacking them. THESE RESERVES DO NOT EXPIRE. War leader will change these throughout the war. (example: Reserved for our TH11 and TH10) (example: Reserved for SuperHawk).  You may only attack bases within a +3/-7 BUT only if they are reserved for your townhall. (Ie: if you are number 30 in war then you may attack bases 27 to 37.) However, if you did not 3 star a base in your last war or last war attack then the allowable attack range is +0/-7. Please record your own stars on clash caller after you attack.


12.  Write in clan chat that you agree to rules.  Code word to use so that we know you read this:  Liz rules.  If someone else has posted this password in chat then please use: Jonny rules.

Forum Striking Clan Etiquette

Breaking the following rules may get you a strike or banned from the clan.

1. No insulting other members. Co-leaders and Leaders have the final say in what classes as an insult and all matters.

2. Follow donation requests. Archers/wizards are default unless otherwise specified. Poison is the default dark spell unless otherwise stated.

3. We ask that everyone maintain no worse than a 1:2 donation ratio.  If you fall behind this, your requests may not be filled.  Please do not abuse the generosity of your clan mates.



Air Guideline Strategy guide:



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