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FORUM STRIKING Air Rules & Regulations:

*TownHall 9's Must have 20/20 Heroes to attack using air troop compositions if the Target has both lvl 3 xbows set to air, or else get permission from a Co leader prior to attacking.

*TownHall 10's Must have 25/25 Heroes to attack using air troop compositions if the Target has lvl 1 Inferno's, 30/30 Heroes if the target has lvl 2 Inferno's, and 30/35 if the target has lvl 3 Inferno's. Or else get Permission from a Co leader Prior to attacking.

*Friendly Challenges Are highly recommended prior to every war attack, especially air attacks. We would like to see 2-3 successful Friendly Challenges completed prior to attacking in war, even if only Max TH10 FC's are available at the time, it's good to sharpen your sword before going into battle! However Friendly Challenges are NOT required prior to attacking, only recommended.

*Post Air StrategiesBelow in the comment section by linking videos of current air attacks you've found online. We will try to update this thread as much as possible by linking current air strategies in the comment section below. Any clan member can post a video as long as it's no older than two months old.(Only air strategy videos are allowed to be posted in this thread, all other posts will be removed to avoid spam.)

*Thread Credits to:Loring, Kezza, Lunalols, 1738, Kembo, Jonny GT, Zerox, Ataboy, Forum Striking!


*TH10 Air Composition guides*

Multiple working TH10 air Strategies that work!

TH10 Laloon Guide!


[QUOTE]Tips and Strategies to using Laloon at TH10
LavaLoon is an excellent attacking strategy utilizing Lava Hounds and Balloons. Air attacks are back and it’s again possible to 3 Star with this strategy. In my opinion, this will be the TH10+ attacking strategy for at least the first half of 2017. Currently I see it as the most frequently used attack.
1.Take care of the Queen & the Clan Castle
2.Choose the correct side to start attack.
3.Execute KIll Squad/Queen Walk
4.Send in your LavaHounds
5.Surgical Balloon deployment
6.Spells & Clean Up
There are a few variables to consider when deciding where to start you attack:

Where are the Air Defenses and what level?
Where are the Air Sweepers placed & what Direction are they covering?
Where are the Inferno Towers?

If the Air Defenses are all inside the core, you’ll have a hard time. Lava Hounds will go directly to Air Defenses leaving outside defenses to take out your Balloons. This will not work because you need to distract the defenses with your Lava Hounds to give the Balloons opportunity to take them down from the outside in.

Always attack in a straight line – you should avoid attacking from a corner because your Balloons will group together and get killed quickly.

Also, take a close look where the Air Sweepers are pointed. They can really slow down your Balloons and Lava Hounds. This too gives defenses the chance to target Balloons instead of the Lava Hounds or can prevent the Balloons from dealing damage on defenses. Try not to attack directly INTO the direction of an Air Sweeper when possible. Come from behind or from the side.

Regarding Inferno Towers, you can directly attack a base with Single-Target Inferno Towers. This mode is an invitation to crush the base! Inferno Towers set to Multi can be disposed of by using either and/or a Kill Squad or Freeze Spells!

Send in the Lava Hounds!

First things first, I often see people deploying their Hounds simultaneously on multiple Air Defenses. That’s not good, because you can just take down one and then use the leftover troops to support at the next Air Defense.
You will deploy 2 of your lava Hounds on the first Air Defense and then send in soom Balloons after it.
Send only as much as you need, that’s about 2-3 Balloons per defense.
Follow the line! Once the Air Defense and the defenses are down in this area, your troops will go to the next one.
You should still have 2 Lava Hounds left, and now you need to deploy so you have 2 Lava Hounds on the Air Defense again.
Spell Deployment for LavaLoon / LaLoon
Deploy your Haste Spells so your Balloons follow up with your Lava Hounds. You always want to have them grouped up, so the lava Pups don’t get eaten alive within seconds. A lvl 3 Haste spell provides more movement speed than a lvl 5 Rage spell and can be more efficient with spell room. ~TimmyEatWorld 1/6/17
TH10 VaLaloon Guide!
[QUOTE]Tips and Strategies to using VaLaloon at TH10
*Under Construction*
The General plan is to use 2-6 Valks along with you BK and/or AQ to bust into the base targeting Air Defenses, Inferno Towers, Enemy AQ and Enemy Clan Castle troops. Typically you want to get at least 2 out of 4 of the above targets in exchange for your small valk Army. Leaving the rest behind either for a strong 3-4 Lava hound attack, followed up with 16-22 Baloons! Or Sometimes Your Valk Army can handle one Objective while you Queen walk another Set of targets and then finish up with a smaller air raid, 2 Lava hounds and 12-14 loons.
[QUOTE]Tips and Strategies to using BabyDragons at TH10


*TH9 Air Composition guides*

Most Reliable TH9 War Attack Strategy - QW/CB LaLoon
[QUOTE]Tips and Strategies to using QW/CB Laloon at TH9

How To - Stoned BoLaLo TH9
[QUOTE]Tips and Strategies to using Stoned BoLaLo
Attack Strategy TH9 (LaLo Tips) | Clash of Clans
(Only air strategy videos are allowed to be posted in this thread, all other posts will be removed to avoid spam.)

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